Toshakhana And £190M Case: Accountability Court Issues Arrest Warrants For Imran Khan

Bushra Bibi appears before NAB as an accused in the £190 million case and was handed a questionaire with 11 questions

Toshakhana And £190M Case: Accountability Court Issues Arrest Warrants For Imran Khan

An accountability court in Islamabad on Monday issued arrest warrants for former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan in the Toshakhana and the £190 million repatriation cases.

Judge Muhammad Bashir presided over the proceedings of the accountability court in Islamabad.

During Monday's hearing, NAB submitted an application seeking arrest warrants for Imran Khan. At this, Judge Bashir asked what did the high court do in this regard. The prosecutor replied that the case is still pending, but the high court has neither ordered to suspend the order nor has it issued any other interim order.

The court asked what they would do after obtaining a warrant for Imran's arrest. NAB's prosecutor said that after Imran's arrest, they would present him in this court and seek his physical custody.

Subsequently, Judge Bashir issued arrest warrants for Imran Khan and directed the superintendent of Adiala Jail to execute the warrant as per the law.

Imran Khan is currently under arrest in the cipher case and is being held at the Adiala Jail owing to security concerns.

The next hearing in the cipher case by a special court under the Official Secrets Act is due to be held on November 14.

Separately, Imran's wife, Bushra Bibi, appeared before NAB as an accused on Monday in the £190 million repatriation case.

The NAB team asked her questions and later handed her a questionnaire with 11 questions to submit responses to.

Earlier, NAB had decided to change Bushra Bibi's status from a witness to an accused.