Terrorists Attack Police Station In Dera Ismail Khan

Police Constable Waheed Gul was injured in the exchange of fire, which continued for an hour.

Terrorists Attack Police Station In Dera Ismail Khan

Security forces thwarted a terrorist attack on a police station in Dera Ismail Khan on Sunday night, officials said.

This was one of several assaults that have happened in the district since Friday and left a police constable injured. The Gul Imam police station in Tank was the target of the militants.

As per details, when the armed militants assaulted the police station, there was a gunfight between the attackers and police personnel. After that, the militants fled from the scene.

The hour-long gunfight resulted in injuries for Police Constable Waheed Gul. He was swiftly shifted to Tank's District Headquarters Hospital for medical aid.

Along with a sizable police contingent, District Police Officer Tank Iftikhar Ali Shah arrived at the location right away. To find the culprits, a search operation was launched in the vicinity.

A terrorist attack on a checkpost in the Roori neighborhood of the Kulachi tehsil on Sunday night resulted in the injuries of another policeman.

According to the authorities, the assailants exchanged fire with police using both small and heavy weapons before making their getaway.

Significant police contingents from Daraban and Kulachi also descended on the scene.

At least six people were killed and over thirty were injured, including two police officers, in a bomb that targeted a police van in DI Khan's Tank Adda neighborhood on Friday.

Another explosion on Friday in the Takwara neighborhood of Kulachi killed a security officer next to a police and army vehicle.

Pakistan has been dealing with a formidable threat from terrorism over the past year.

According to a report published in October by the Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), the security services saw an eight-year high of at least 386 personnel losses in the first nine months of 2023.